How to Create Bids using your Pruvan Lines


Using Project Lines in your Pruvan Account, you can quickly create a bid to send to your Client. This will generate a .pdf file that you can save, print, or email as well as keep your bid as evidence on your Project.


How to Generate a Bid PDF

The instructions below assume that you have already added your bid items as Lines. Click here for full instructions on adding Lines to your project

  1. Log in to the Projects page on your Pruvan Online account
  2. Select the project with your bid Lines and click Edit
  3. Click the Lines tab
  4. Select the Lines to include on your bid
    • Click the Line Name to select, using the Shift or Control key to select more than one line at a time 
    • If you don't select any Lines (Or if you click Select All), all Lines will be included
  5. Click the Generate Bid button
    • This will open a separate window with the Bid PDF. You can choose to print or save from your browser. The PDF will also be saved to your Project Results with the evidence type of "Bid" so you can review your bids later.


What does the Bid contain?

The Bid PDF will contain the following information. See the reference image below:

  1. The date the Bid was generated
  2. Your company name and address (If entered on your Pruvan Profile screen)
  3. Your Customer's name and address (If the project has a Customer selected)
  4. The name, quantity, and price of any Lines selected when the Bid was generated
  5. Subtotals and totals for the Line prices
  6. The Pruvan Project name and address



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