Project Line Items

Project lines are designed to facilitate tracking the cost and price of work order line items.  Line items are only visible to staff users and above.  There are fields for a line description, comments, quantity, cost, and price.  The cost and price totals are calculated based on the quantity on the screen, with a grand total for each displayed at the bottom of the table and on the main Project Manager table.  Simply enter all of your line items to keep track of your costs.  The Project Billing report allows you to view and export all line item data for all completed projects.

How to Add Line Items

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Projects
  3. Find the project you wish to add line items to
    • Alternatively Click New to add lines to a new project and skip to step 6
  4. Select your project
  5. Click Edit
  6. Click the Lines tab
  7. If using an existing Product/Service, choose from the dropdown menu.
  8. If creating a new line, enter the line item information
    • Description - A description of the line item
    • Comments - Any additional information that may be relevant (optional)
    • Quantity - The number of times this line item applies to this project
    • Cost - How much each item of this line item costs you
    • Price - How much you will earn for each item of this line item
  9. Click Add Line
  10. Repeat step 7 and 8 as needed
  11. Click Save


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