Getting Started with Pruvan

What's important to you?

There's a lot to consider when setting up your new Pruvan account.  Before you dive in, consider what brought you to Pruvan and what's most important to you.

Did someone refer you?

Did one of our integrated partners recommend that you use Pruvan to do their work?  If so, you might want to set up your integration in the Connect a Work Provider section of the Pruvan checklist.  If you are already signed up to do work for them you might have orders waiting for you right now!  If you don't have work yet, consider signing up for the Pruvan Network and get connected to other work providers that need your services in your area.  Contact Sales to learn more about the Pruvan Network.

Ready to hit the ground running?

Maybe your field service business has customers outside of the Pruvan network and you just need to get going!  If that's you, then check out the Complete a Project section in the checklist.  This section will take you through the "happy path" of creating a project, dispatching it to the field, working on it and then tracking the payment.


Go go, power user!

Are you a power user and want to set up the system to be as automated and optimized as possible?  Maybe you've used Pruvan before and you want to go straight to our advanced functionality.  The Account Customization section is where you'll learn how to set up Work TypesCustomer-Specific pricingConfiguration Options, Branding and other features that can help automate your day and customize Pruvan so it works best for you and your team.


Forms are where it's at!

Maybe you've heard about the power of the Pruvan mobile forms.  We call our mobile forms Surveys and once you design a Survey you can deploy it to work on Pruvan Mobile or Pruvan Online.  With a click of a button, you can generate a PDF of the data collected in the field and even put your company's logo on it to share with your client.

These are just a few things you can do with Pruvan.  Take a look around.  Go through our setup checklist or reach out to our Customer Care team.  We'd love to hear from you!

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