How to Create a Worktype

Follow these steps to create a Work Type in Pruvan Online:

  1. Log in to your Pruvan Online account
  2. Click on Account, then choose Worktypes
  3. Click New
  4. Enter a Worktype name (A)
  5. Set all project fields you would like added as a part of your work type
    • Any field entered will be applied to all future projects created or edited with this worktype
    • Only enter information for fields that will always be the same when using this worktype (If it is a worktype for multiple different addresses, do not enter any address)
  6. Click Options to set any necessary project Options for the worktype (B)
  7. Click Next, or choose the Tasks tab (C)newWT1.png
  8. Add any Tasks needed for this Worktype
    • It is not required to add any tasks, but if you do a Task Name (A) is necessary
    • Survey (B) is only required if you wish to add a Survey task
    • Click Add Task (C) to save your Task and (if needed) enter another task for the worktype
  9. Click Next (D) , or choose the Lines tabnewWT2.png
  10. Add any Lines associated with this worktype
    • You can manually enter a line or choose from your Invoice Item List (A)
    • To always use the current cost/price from your Invoice Item list, check "Use Invoice Item for Cost and Price" (B)
    • Click Add Line (C) to add your Line to the worktype and (if needed) start a new line to add
  11. Click Next (D), or choose the Matching Configurations tabnewWT3.png
  12. Enter any criteria you want to use to match this worktype and click Add Config
    • When the criteria matches a new project created in your account, the worktype will automatically be applied to that project. 
    • After clicking Add Config (A), you can enter additional matching configurations and view all added configurations in the table below
  13. Click Save WorkType (B)newWT4.png


Your Work Type is now saved and can be used when creating, importing, or editing projects.

What is a Work Type?  See this article for more info:

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