How To Access and Share Pruvan Direct Downloader DEBUG Files

In some cases a debug log report will be needed to troubleshoot issues experienced with the Pruvan Downloader.  The instructions below will assist you in locating and sharing the files with the Pruvan Support Team. 

There are 2 types of logs available from the Downloader:

1.) The regular logs have the information you see in the rolling log window of your Downloader. 

2.) The debug logs show extra information that could be useful in troubleshooting a problem.

How To View DEBUG Log Files

1. Open the Pruvan Downloader
2. Click Help
3. Select Log
4. Click Log Files
5. Open the log folder
6. The DEBUG files can be seen.


Sharing Files

Attach each .DEBUG files for the last 7 days to an email addressed to The DEBUG files can also be zipped as attachments or shared via a cloud service web link (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

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