Getting Started with the Safeguard Integration

Historically, Pruvan has long provided a named integration to the Safeguard VendorWeb portal allowing Safeguard vendors to import their orders into their Pruvan account, capture photos with Pruvan Mobile, and Pruvan would relay certified photos to the related Safeguard work order on VendorWeb.  Safeguard worked with Pruvan to make this integration possible.

As of 12/7/2017 Safeguard announced that all vendors must use Safeguard supported mobile applications to complete work for Safeguard. (see memo below)

Safeguard Vendors using Pruvan have three choices:  

  1. Continue to use the Pruvan/Safeguard Integration (as-is) 
  2. Use Safeguard Mobile app(s) and use Pruvan Mobile as a backup for your field photos
  3. Use Safeguard Mobile app(s) only

The information below outlines the use/setup of the Safeguard named integration. Use as-is. This Safeguard integration is no longer supported by Pruvan or Safeguard.

KNOWN ISSUES:  As of 12/8/2017 When the integration attempts to send photos to Safeguard Safeguard provides Pruvan a warning message stating "Unauthorized Application" and Pruvan Photo details page reports Upload Failed.  Pruvan customers have reported Pruvan photos still appear in VendorWeb, please verify/test for yourself. 

The Safeguard Integration is the link between your Safeguard account and your Pruvan account.

Safeguard's integration supports importing work orders, default work type, default assign to, auto admin, and the push key.

Importing Projects

Works orders are imported to Pruvan by clicking the Refresh button in the Configure Integrations page of Pruvan Online.  See these articles to get set up and import your orders:

Surveys and Tasks

Surveys can be added to all Safeguard work orders on import.  When surveys are published the resulting PDF is sent to your active Downloader(s).  Tasks, photo or survey, can be added to your projects manually in Pruvan Online or by applying a Work Type.

Photo Relay

Photo relay is not supported per Safeguard Memo #1866.

Closing Projects

Projects can be closed in the Projects page of Pruvan Online when work on them has been completed.  As your crews complete projects in the field, the status in Pruvan Online will change to Complete.  QA your photos and set the status of the project to Closed in Pruvan.  This will remove the project from your crew's mobile device.  If you need to re-open it later, simply click the Show Closed Projects button and change the status to Rework so that it will show back up on mobile.  After a project has been closed for 60 consecutive days it will automatically be deleted.  Don't worry, as long as the work order is open in Vendor Web, you can always Import Orders to re-create the project in Pruvan.

Pruvan Push Key

The Push Key can be used to refresh your SFG integration directly from a web browser bookmark.

Default Work Type

Default Work Type is a Work Type that will be applied to all of your incoming SFG projects.

Auto Admin

Auto Admin is used to change what fields the integration updates once the order is already in Pruvan.

Default Assign To

Default Assign To lets you assign all incoming BLM orders to a specific user on your account.


See our Safeguard Integration FAQ

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