Safeguard Integration FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and Safeguard, to exchange information.

Why are there different Safeguard Integrations?

The integrations are setup to mirror their different mobile applications.  Which integration to use depends on which app you're supposed to use to complete the work orders.

  • Photo Direct - Use Safeguard APIv2
  • Do NOT use the Grasscuts integration, it is no longer supported by Safeguard

What are the features of the Safeguard integrations?

The integrations can import orders and relay photos back to Safeguard, with the default work type, default assign to, auto admin, and push key options.

What information from my Safeguard work order is visible in the Pruvan project?

Below is a list of how data is mapped from Safeguard to Pruvan:

Work Order Project
Work Order Number Project Number
Address Address
City City
State State
Due Date Due Date
Client, Loan Type, Department, Follow Up Type, Work Ordered, Order Notes Instructions
Work Order Line Item Task
Work Ordered Task Name
Order Notes Instructions

Can I attach surveys to my Safeguard work orders?

Yes, either manually or through the use of a Work Type.

Will my surveys go to Safeguard or fill out my forms in Vendor Web?

No, you will see the survey results in Pruvan Online and in your Downloader for you to use.  No form data is sent to Safeguard.

Can I change the task's that are on the Safeguard projects?

Yes, depending on your user's access settings.

Can I add extra photo task's to my Safeguard projects?

Yes, either manually or through the use of a Work Type.

Can I submit my Safeguard work orders from Pruvan?

No, you must complete the work order in Vendor Web.

Can I QA my Photos in Pruvan Online before sending them to Safeguard?

Yes!  Set you 'Send Photos to Safeguard' setting to 'yes'.  Then check out this article on Online QA.

Can I QA my Photos in Pruvan Mobile before sending them to Safeguard?

Yes!  Set your 'Send Photos to Safeguard' setting to 'yes'.  Then check out this article on Mobile QA.

Can I just have everything go to Safeguard without holding it up in Pruvan?

Yes, just set your profile options to allow for auto-relay.  Check out this article for more information on Profile Options.

My Orders did NOT Import (or my orders have wrong / garbled info), what do I do?

Log in to your account on Vendor Web and attempt to download your orders as a CSV (spreadsheet).  If the CSV does not download, or the information in it looks garbled then contact Safeguard support about the CSV export not working.  Do not mention the Pruvan integration.

Safeguard told me that your integration is not authorized / supported / allowed / etc., why?

Safeguard does allow our integration and will accept only certified photos taken with Pruvan Mobile, however most of the employees you will be able to speak with either do not know this or will not verify this.  It is for this reason that if you need to speak to Safeguard about an issue that you leave Pruvan out of it.  It will save you an argument that ultimately will not solve the problem.

Why aren't my photos in Vendor Web?

Sometimes it can take a while for photos to show up in your account in Vendor Web.  Other times the photos may have been lost 'in the system'.  This is the same issue that you may experience with the Photo Direct and Vendor Web Mobile apps.  If you believe that they have been lost, simply republish them 'to client'.

Why are my photos being rejected by Safeguard?

Safeguard only accepts photos, from Pruvan, that were taken in the Pruvan Mobile app and are certified.  If you manually upload photos to Vendor Web, or manually upload photos to Pruvan Online and publish them, they may be rejected; even if they were originally taken with Pruvan Mobile.  All photos to Safeguard must go from an authorized mobile app to their system; whether that app is Pruvan Mobile or Photo Direct.

Why can't I turn on the timestamp feature?

Timestamps are turned off by the integration.  This is because the Photo Direct timestamps are in a different place and are a different color then those used by Pruvan Mobile.  The Safeguard style timestamp will be used for all Safeguard photos.

Why do my instructions keep getting over-written?

Every time that you import order from Safeguard the project is updated with all of the incoming information.  To prevent fields like Status and Instructions from updating turn Auto-Admin off.

Do you support inspections for Safeguard?

We do not support any workflows that involve using Safeguard's INSPI app.  For any work orders you need to complete with INSPI we recommend you use the INSPI app.

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