Project Details

This is the primary Project view in Pruvan Mobile.  Here you can see the project's location, tasks, instructions, configuration options, and access the tools to get your work done.


The Details page contains the following items and information:

  • Action bar - This is a series of buttons that perform various actions, details below
  • Project Number
  • Status / Field Status
  • Due Date (iOS)
  • Address
  • Project Info - Extra project information, such as access codes
  • GPS Indicator - This shows whether or not Pruvan Mobile recognizes that you are at the correct location
  • Map - This map shows your location relative to the location of the project
    • Under the map are details showing how far away you are and what kind of accuracy your device is getting
    • If the address cannot be found you will see 'unknown' listed under the map instead
  • Complete button - This is the Green Button, labeled 'Complete' by default
  • Instructions (iOS) - Launches the project instructinons
  • Task List - The list of all available tasks on this project
  • Check In - Launches the Check In tool
  • Configuration Options - Shows all of the applicable configuration options for this project and at what level they are set




Most of these buttons are in the action bar, with the exception of the Complete button and the instructions button (iOS).  Not all actions are available based on the configuration options applied.

  • Complete button - This is the green button, tap to mark the project complete
  • Camera - This button will launch the Pruvan Mobile Camera to the first photo task
  • Instructions - This will open a new page and display the projects instructions
    • Instructions can contain HTML such as links and pictures
  • Check Mark - This will change the status of the Project to 'Complete'
  • Image Gallery - This will open the Photo Gallery on iOS and the Upload Manager on Android
    • The photos listed will be filtered to just show the photos for this project
  • Edit - This will open the Project Editor which may allow you to add, change, or remove tasks
  • Navigation - This will launch navigation to the project's address through Google Maps on Android and Apple Maps on iOS
    • When the address can not be geo-located, the navigation button will not be available


Tasks are the heart of Pruvan Mobile and provide a way for you to collect your data while in the field.  Tap a task to begin.  Tasks are sorted alphabetically, from A-Z.  A maximum of 100 tasks can be displayed.  Pruvan Mobile Supports these types of data collection.

  • Photo Tasks - Photo Tasks launch the Pruvan Camera, to the task selected
    • Photo tasks can contain different Evidence Types to label photos within each task
    • Evidence Types are set through Configuration Options
  • Survey Tasks - Survey Tasks launch Pruvan Surveys
    • Answer dynamically flowing questions
    • Launch Pruvan Camera to meet individual photo requirements
  • Check Ins - Allows you to enter a badge number for each of your crew members present
    • Most Check In providers use Aspen Grove's issued ABC number as a badge number
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