Pruvan Share FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems to exchange information.  In this case the integration is between to different Pruvan accounts instead of Pruvan and another system.

What are the features of the Pruvan Share integration?

The integration supports importing projects, photo relay, Check In, default Work Type, default assign to, auto admin, and the push key.

What is a Delegator?

This is your work provider, the Pruvan account that you are linking to.

What is a Recipient?

In Pruvan Share, you are the recipient that is setting up the integration.

I have multiple Pruvan logins for different clients, can I link all of them to one account?

Yes!  You can create a PS integration for each of your Pruvan logins and manage all of the projects assigned to you in one account.

My work provider pays for my devices in their account, will they pay for this account?

No, when you set up your own account you take on responsibility for paying for your own devices.

Why would I want to set up my own account?

There are several reasons users choose to set up their own Pruvan Account and use Pruvan Share to get their projects.  The most common reason is to use Pruvan for more clients.  With your own account you can consolidate all of your projects, using multiple Pruvan Share integrations, in to a single account.  Then be able to manage those projects in Pruvan with your vendors and also use Pruvan for client's that do not have their own Pruvan account.

Do I get the same information available to me when I log directly in to my work provider's account?

Yes!  All of the information in the original project will be imported in to the same fields in your project.

Does PS support Auto Import?

Yes, projects will auto-import as they're assigned to you, and then as they're updated.

Can I auto-assign my PS projects?

Pruvan Share supports our Default Assign To feature which gives you limited auto-assignment ability.  See this article for more information.

Can I send my PS photos back automatically?

Yes!  This is based on your account's QA settings.  See this article on Skipping QA for more information.

What does the Push Key do?

You can use the Push Key to refresh your projects.  See the Push Key article for more.

Can I change the task's that are on the PS projects?

Yes, depending on your user permissions.

Can I add extra tasks or surveys to my PS projects?

Yes! You can add tasks manually or automatically using a default Work Type on your PS integration.

Will my surveys go to back?

Yes, your survey PDF's will relay back to your work provider's account just as if you had completed them directly in Pruvan Mobile.

Will my photos be handled in my work provider's account just as if I had taken them directly in Pruvan Mobile?

Yes, your photos will process as if you had taken them directly in their account.

Can I Check In with Pruvan?

Yes, any projects that are imported with the Check In feature will behave the same as if you were logged directly in to your work provider's account.

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