Five Brothers Integration FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and FiveContractor, to exchange information.

What are the features of the Five Brothers integration?

The integration supports auto order import, photo relay, survey relay, default assign to, auto admin, default work type, and the push key.

What types of orders are imported from FiveContractor?

The Five Brothers Integration will import the following types of orders from FiveContractor:

  • Exterior Inspection - No Contact
  • Exterior Inspection - Contact
  • Interior Inspection
  • Grass Recut

Can I auto-assign my Five Brothers projects?

The Five Brothers integration supports our Default Assign To feature which gives you limited auto-assignment ability.  See this article for more information.

Can I send my Five Brothers photos back to FiveContractor automatically?

Yes!  Your photos will relay to FiveContractor based on your QA settings.  You can also use the Pruvan Downloader to have them sorted on your computer and ready to go though!

What does Auto Admin do?

Auto Admin is one of our core integration features.  Read more in the Auto Admin article.

What does the Push Key do?

You can use the Push Key to refresh your orders.  See the Push Key article for more.

Will my surveys go to Five Brothers?

Surveys added automatically will be sent to Five Brothers and processed by them.  Surveys you create and add will be sent to them but not processed.

Can I submit my Five Brothers work orders from Pruvan?

No, you must complete the work order in FiveContractor.

I'm not receiving any surveys or my photos are not relaying to FiveContractor.

There is an older integration to Five Brothers that doesn't relay photos or support surveys.  Be sure your integration says "Five Brothers APIv2".  If it doesn't you'll need to create a new integration and select the Five Brothers APIv2 integration to take advantage of the new features.


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