Getting Started with Pruvan Surveys

A Pruvan survey is a way to collect additional data from the field.  Surveys can contain questions to be answered, photo requirements, and answer triggers.  Answer triggers are what make Pruvan surveys powerful.  They allow you to create hidden questions that are enabled based on how a question has been answered.  Pruvan's survey manager allows you to create surveys and version control them.  This way you can work on the next version of a survey without disrupting the one that is currently published.

Types of Surveys

There are 2 main types of surveys in Pruvan.  Forms and Photo-mode.  Forms are standard surveys that have questions to be answered.  A photo-mode survey has no questions to be answered and is just a series of photo requirements.  The main difference between a photo-mode survey and a regular photo task is that you can define minimum and maximum photos for your photo-mode survey questions.  Read the following article for more information on photo-mode surveys.

Creating Survey Templates

A survey template is what every instance of your survey will be copied from.  You create the template and then on every project you attach a copy of that template that can be filled out.  Survey templates are created in Pruvan Online using the Survey Builder.  The links below will show you how to use the Survey Builder and some best practices for creating successful survey templates.

Managing Survey Templates

Survey Templates can be managed in Pruvan Online in the Survey Manager.  Here you are able to create new templates, archive templates you no longer need, edit existing templates, and publish new revisions.

Open the Survey Manager

To access the Survey Manager:

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online as an Admin user
  2. Click Surveys


All of your current survey templates will be listed in the main window (A).  Here you will be able to see the Template ID, Name, whether or not it's published, when it was created, and the last time it was modified.  To see archived templates as well, click the Show Archive button (G).  Use the Create Template button (B) to create a new template.  The buttons on the bottom right of the main window are the management buttons.  Some of the buttons will change based on if you have a published or un-published survey selected.  They are:

  • Edit / Revise (C) - Allows you to modify the currently selected template.  When a published survey is selected the Revise button will create a new version number for your template on save.
  • Publish / Archive (D) - Published unpublished templates and archives published templates.
  • Delete (E) - Only unpublished templates can be deleted.  To remove a published template from the main view you may archive it instead.
  • Export Results (F) - Select a template and export all survey results for it from a selected time period to a .CSV file


Publishing and Version Control

An unpublished template is a survey that is saved but still being worked on.  Unpublished templates are not available to be attached to projects in Pruvan.  When a template is ready to go live select it in the Survey Manager and click the Publish button.  This will allow you, or an integration, to add that survey to your Pruvan projects.  When you first publish a template you will notice that a '-v1' gets added to the end of your template ID.  This is the template's version number.  Version numbers are used to tell Pruvan which template the project is supposed to use.  When you go to revise a published survey your edits will be saved to a new template with the version number increased by one.  So when revising your -v1 template the new template will be -v2.  This version control means that you won't have to worry about messing up any of your users that are currently working on the currently published version of your survey template.  When v2 is ready to be used, select it and click the Publish button.  v2's status will change to Published and v1's status will be changed to Archived.  Users with projects that have archived survey templates will not be affected, they will still be able to use that version.  Archived templates are no longer available to be added to Projects in Pruvan Online.  If you need to roll back to a previous version, click Show Archive, locate the previous version, select it, click Revise, click Save.  This will create a new version (ie -v3) that has the same content as your previous template that you can now publish.  You are only allowed to delete unpublished survey templates so there is no fear that a published template will be pulled out from under one of your users.

Assigning Surveys

Surveys can be attached to Pruvan Projects as a task.  This can be done with any method that creates a project in Pruvan, including Work Types.  The following articles go over creating Pruvan Projects:

Completing Surveys

Surveys can be completed from Pruvan Mobile or Pruvan Online.  It's important to note that surveys completed in Pruvan Online will not auto relay.  You must publish the survey after completing it in Pruvan Online.  For steps on how to fill out a survey see the following articles:

Survey Rework

Previously completed surveys can be sent back in to the field for to support rework workflows.  They can contain all previous answers and photos or the client can remove invalid answers and photos and send back a partial survey.  The survey can even be sent to a different Pruvan user than the one that originally completed the survey.  This rework workflow is currently only supported through client integrations that have enabled it.

Survey Results

Once a survey has been completed, and uploaded to Pruvan's Cloud Storage, it is available to be viewed, edited, and published.  Editing a survey does not allow you to change the requirements laid out in the survey's template, but does allow you to change answers and QA photos attached to the survey.  Once a survey is published it will be available to the Client Portal and, depending on the publish method, the Pruvan Downloader and the project's originating integration.  Survey Results are also available via Excel export in the Survey Manager.

How to Edit a Submitted Survey

How to Publish a Survey

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Photos
  3. Find your Project
  4. Click on the Project Number
  5. Locate your Survey
  6. Click on the survey line
  7. Click Publish To
  8. Select the appropriate destination


How To Export Survey Results

The Export tool in the Survey Manager exports all survey results for a given survey template over a specified date range to a CSV file.  The file will contain a row for each survey and survey-section, so if a survey result has no sections it will occupy a single row.  If a survey result has 2 sections then it will occupy 3 rows, 1 for the base survey answers and 1 for each section.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Surveys
  3. Select the survey template you would like results from
  4. Click Export Results
  5. Select the time frame you would like to see answers over
  6. Click Export
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