New Release! Pruvan v3.16

7 March 2016, 0200 CST

Pruvan has upgraded!  See the new features below.

Pruvan Online

Release Date:  7 March 2016

  • Work Types - You can set just about any work order fields, tasks, or options as a Work Type that you can easily apply to your projects.  Read more here.
  • Sharing - Share project results with your clients!  Simply enter their email address and they will receive a link to our new Client Portal.  Read more here.
  • Client Portal - The Client Portal is a way for you to show your project results to your clients.  It will display photos and surveys with a map showing pin drops of all the locations, as well as our new Pruvan Trust Seal.  Read more here.
  • Trust Seal - The Pruvan Trust Seal is located on the new Client Portal and is an interactive CSR.  Read more here.
  • Invoicing - We have integrated to Freshbooks Cloud Accounting to give you a way to send invoices to your crews and clients and also pay electronically directly from the invoice as well.  Read more here.
  • New Crew Role - With the new Mobile Projects, there is now a Restricted Crew Role that limits what changes a crew member can make to a project.  Read more here.
  • Partner Branding - Now available directly in your account.  Find out how here.
  • New Mobile Configuration Options - New options available are Allow Workorder Edits, Allow Service Edits, and Mobile Project Review.

Pruvan Mobile

Release Date:  22 June 2016

  • Mobile Projects - Ad Hoc projects are no more!  Now projects created in Pruvan Mobile will sync up to Pruvan Online and be fully manageable on the Projects page.  Read more here.
  • Hotlinks - Our Zero Integration, how to benefit from some features of an integration without having to support any web service APIs.  A Hotlink is simply a URL that automatically launches Pruvan Mobile and creates a project when tapped (on the mobile device).  A Hotlink can even launch directly to the camera on a new or existing project.  Read more here.
  • iOS Force Touch - The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus support a new feature called Force Touch.  With Pruvan Mobile 3.16 for iOS you can utilize Force Touch to jump to the New Project screen directly from your iOS home screen.  Simply force-push on the Pruvan Mobile icon and then select New Project from the pop-up window.
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