Getting Started with Hot Links

Hot links allow you to send pre-configured work orders to Pruvan users through email, text, or any other system that they can open a link from.  A Hot link is simply a URI, like a web address, that contains all the information needed to create a project in Pruvan that work can be completed on.

How Hot Links Work

A Hot Link can be used to create, update, and open a project in Pruvan Mobile.  Once a Hot Link is opened on a mobile device, the device recognizes it as a Pruvan link and opens Pruvan Mobile for the user.  What happens next depends on if the project already exists in the users Pruvan account:

Creating a New Project

If the supplied project number does not already exist in the user's account then a new project will be created with the available information from the Hot Link.  If all of the required fields are present to create a new project then the project will also open as described below, otherwise the New Project screen will load and will be filled out with as much information as is available.

If the required fields are not present, or the Hot Link is simply "", then Pruvan Mobile will open to the New Project screen which will populate all the provided information.  If missing, the app will also generate a project number as well as attempt to geo-locate the current address by GPS.

Updating an Existing Project

If the supplied project number already exists on the users account, then the project will be updated with the supplied Tasks.  Tasks will be added in addition to the current tasks, they will not replace the existing tasks. Project addresses and Work Types are not updatable via hot links and will be ignored on project update. After the update, the project will open as described below.

Opening a Project

If there is no new information, or the create / update process was successful, then Pruvan Mobile will open the project on the device.  There are two ways this can go depending on whether your Hot Link contains a Task Name.  If there is a task name, then the app will launch directly in to the camera, survey, or Check In screen (depending on the type of task). Otherwise, the app will load the Project Details screen.

An Example Hot Link:

This would open the app to the camera on the 'Grasscut' photo task after creating a project named '9495678', with the address 110 E. Main St., Round Rock, TX  78664, while using the Work Type 'Grasscuts'

Creating Hot Links

The following article will go over the specifics of how Hot Links should be formatted and different ways that you can generate them.

How to Create Hot Links

Using Hot Links

Now that you have a way to generate your Hot Links successfully, how should they be used?  The most effective way to utilize Hot Links is by using step by step instructions and Hot Link Task Names to link to each piece.  On the other hand the simplest implementation is to send out a single link and let your crews take it from there.


Using the Task Name field allows you to step everything out and guide the user through the work.  Mouse over or inspect the links to see the Hot Link text

Work Order # 9495678

110 E Main St.
Round Rock, TX  78666

Entry Gate Code: 7263
Lockbox Code: 22904

Check In

Submit a Check In for the property and fill out the checklist

Check In

Initial Photos

Need photos of the street sign, address marker, and the front of the house

Take Photos


Take photos of the front, back, and both sides of the yard before, during, and after the grass is mowed.

Take Photos


If you have any bids to make, use the following form.

Submit a Bid


Once you are finished with everything at the property be sure to tap the green Complete button

Complete the Order

For any issues or questions contact your Regional Coordinator at (512) 244-9511.


Check out our Hot Link FAQ <link to HL FAQ>

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