iOS Crashing / Closing Issues v3.15: Resolved

2016-01-04 1710 CST

v3.15.10 has been released to the App Store, please upgrade your Pruvan Mobile app.  See this article for more information.  We are also working on a way to avoid having to close out all of your apps, in an effort make the recovery as seemless as possible for you, that will be in v3.15.11.

2015-12-10 0925 CST

A fix, v3.15.10, has been released to TestFlight for testing.  If you are experiencing this problem, please follow the instructions here (for iOS 8+) to install the TestFlight app.  If the core problem presents itself you will receive a message asking you to close out your apps and re-launch Pruvan Mobile.

2015-12-07 1100 CST

While the app is not crashing anymore, a new device ID is created when this issue happens.  What you will see if you are affected is that you will have multiple device IDs for the same phone, which will unfortunately cause your photos to not publish unless you have an available device activation.  We are currently working on a fix for this.

2015-11-23 1000 CST

This update is now available in the App Store.  Simply search for "Pruvan" and tap the update or cloud icon to install.

2015-11-12 1500 CST

If you have been experiencing random issues with the iOS app crashing, closing out, or locking up on you then please read through this article.  This issue is caused by a bug in Apple's iOS operating system that has been present since at least iOS 8.  The issue is most likely to present itself when your phone is low on memory (this is RAM, not storage space).  You can attempt to reboot your device and only open Pruvan or close out all other apps you have running on your phone to avoid the issue.  Apple has identified that this is an issue, but there is no timeline on a fix therefor we have created a work around.

There is a patched release in our Beta app that is currently available.  To install the Beta please follow the instructions here.  If you have any issues with the Beta app please contact Support by clicking Submit a Request above.  Be sure to let them know you are on the Beta app.

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    Kim Ruiz

    To "close out" all other apps running on your iOS device, you double tap the center button, and swipe each app running upward to close the app.

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    Kim Ruiz

    See this article on how to "Force Close" or "Close Out" iOS apps on your apple device.