How do I install a Pruvan Pre-release App?

Click Here to join the Android Pre-release

Click Here to join the iOS Pre-release

Join Android Pre-release

Go here and click on the blue 'Become a Tester' button as seen below:

Once you are done, the Google Play store will install the pre-release version to your device just like it does for the normal version now; this includes all future updates.


Leave Android Pre-release

To revert back to the regular Pruvan version go back to this link and select 'Leave the program.'

iOS Pre-release

This involves a few steps the first time through.  Once you are done, the version of Pruvan installed from the App Store will be updated to the Pre-release version. Testflight is only available in iOS 8 or higher.

  1. Sign up for the iOS beta app
  2. Use the Step 1 link on the sign up page to install the Test Flight app on your iPhone(s) from the App Store
  3. Use the Step 2 link from the sign up page to install the Pruvan Beta app


  1. Read through the "What to Test" information
  2. Tap Accept
    • If you already have Pruvan installed from the App Store, it will ask you if you want to upgrade the app, tap yes
  3. Tap Open to launch the new Pruvan app

Click here for more information on TestFlight



Simple click the following link to download the updated installer.

  1. Click here to download the Beta Downloader
  2. Run the installer from your download folder
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