iOS 9 Issues with v3.14: Resolved

2015/12/29 1140 CDT

Please upgrade to the latest release of Pruvan Mobile, 3.15.9

2015/09/23 1740 CDT

iOS 9 launched with a new feature that requires all App network traffic to be secure.  If you have had Pruvan installed for several years and have never uninstalled it then this may effect you.  The most notable issue is that your photos will not upload once you upgrade to iOS 9.  You will also not be able to do anything else in the app that requires a network connection.  

To verify that this is your problem please perform the following check:

  1. Open the Pruvan Mobile App
  2. Go to the Log In Screen
  3. Check the grey text at the bottom of the screen
  4. You are good if it says "Production" after the version number
    • If not, then use the following fix:

To fix this issue you will need to scan a QR code in the app.  Open this article and follow the steps under How to Log In with a QR Code.  When you get to the Scanning part, scan the code that is in the example photo of the 1st section.  If you cannot scan that code, then follow the steps in the 1st section to create a new code.  Once you have scanned a valid QR code you will see "Production" next to the version number at the bottom of your Log In screen to verify that it has been fixed.


2015/09/22 1700 CDT

The iOS 9 patch is available on pre-release.  If you would like to install it you may do so by following the instructions in this article.

2015/09/16 1745 CDT

The current release of Pruvan Mobile for iOS will not work correctly under iOS 9.  We are currently working on a fix that will be implemented to Pruvan 3.15 for iOS.  Once that is complete and tested we will make it available in pre-release.  If you are not a current pre-release customer you can sign up below.  Once the pre-release passes and the app is approved by Apple we will release the update to the App Store for everyone.  Please note that it can take Apple from a day to over a week to approve an App for release.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Click here to sign up for the iOS Pre-Release program

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