How to Use Apple TestFlight

The TestFlight app is Apple's tool for managing apps that are in a beta test.  The idea is that you request to be a part of a beta test by the developer.  When you are accepted in to the test, you will receive an email that lets you take part in the test.  Test Flight is only available on devices running iOS 8 or higher.

Getting Started

Follow the steps listed in this FAQ to become a Pruvan Mobile Beta Tester for iOS.

All TestFlight beta tests last for 30 days.  Once the test period is over you will no longer be able to use the TestFlight version you have installed.  Pruvan will release a new version of the app to install at least once every 28 days while the beta test is live.  Once the beta test is over you will need to switch over to the Live version on the App Store.  Anytime that a new build is released to TestFlight you will receive a notification based on your notification preferences.

Identifying What Pruvan App you have Installed

There are a few subtle indicators to let you know if your app is in Testflight and whether you have the Testflight version installed.  If the app is not loaded in to test flight then you will have no dot next to the app name.  Blue dots signify that the app has been updated since you last opened it.

An app that is loaded in Testflight will have a colored dot next to it's name

  1. Testflight version is installed currently - Orange Dot


Using TestFlight

Once Pruvan is loaded in TestFlight there are a few things you can do.  Tap on Pruvan from the TestFlight app list to open it.

Open the Pruvan App

Tap the blue Open button to launch the Pruvan app from within TestFlight.

Provide Feedback

Tap the Provide Feedback link at the top of the screen to send information to us about any issues you are having with the new beta version.  This will open up a new email in your iOS Mail app.

  1. Tap Provide Feedback
  2. Tap Ok
  3. Enter your Pruvan Username and the feedback you would like to leave in the email
  4. Tap Send

Read the Release Notes

There is a lot of information available to you here.  A detailed list of what's new in the What to Test section, as well as the description of the app you normally see in the App Store.  Here you will also find links to our Privacy Policy and our website.


Here you can set whether you'd like to receive notifications for Pruvan through Testflight.  You can choose to receive them via email, push (phone notification), both, or neither.  Note that if you turn off all notifications you will not be notified when a new version is released to TestFlight for you to install.


Leaving the Beta Test

When you leave the beta test, the last version of the app you installed from TestFlight will remain on your phone.  If you are going to switch back to an older version please read the Switching Back section below carefully for going through that process.

  1. Open the Pruvan app in TestFlight
  2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
  3. Tap Stop testing
  4. Tap Stop testing to confirm
    • You will no longer receive updates from Pruvan through TestFlight


Switching back to the Live app (App Store version)

There are 2 paths to going back to the live version, you are leaving the Test early or the test is over.  Either way you will need to install the Live version from the App store to continue using Pruvan; if you do not then you will be locked out of the app once the 30 day period for the Test is expired.

Moving from TestFlight to the new Live app

  1. Open the Pruvan App on your phone
  2. Verify that all of your photos have uploaded to Pruvan
  3. Export your photos to your Camera roll if you need backups
  4. Install Pruvan from the App Store


Rolling back to an older version

**Only do this if you absolutely have to**

  1. Open the Pruvan App on your phone
  2. Verify that all of your photos have uploaded to Pruvan
  3. Export your photos to your Camera roll if you need backups
  4. Uninstall the Pruvan app
    • Warning:  Uninstalling the app will delete all of your photos that are not exported to camera roll
  5. Install the Pruvan app from the App Store


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