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Can I Use Pruvan for Bids?

There are a couple of different ways that bids can be handled in Pruvan.  They'll fall in to one of two general categories; based on a photo task or based on a survey task.  Every companies process is unique so feel free to use these examples as a guide to fit Pruvan Bids in to your system.

Plus Button

With the plus button, you can create a new project just for the bid you're submitting.  If you're already using mobile projects you can alternatively add a bid task to your project.  To collect data about a bid, such as price or quantity, this information can be added in to the task name or written down and a photo taken of it.

  1. Press the + button on the project list
  2. Enter a suitable Project ID and the address of the property
  3. Enter a task name that fits the description of your bid
  4. Save your project and open it
  5. Take your bid photos

Work Types

Work Types can be used to facilitate creating bid projects.  Creating a bid Work Type will let you pre-set options and tasks.  See the below article for more information on Work Types.  To use a Work Type follow these steps instead.

  1. Press the + button on the project list
  2. Select your bid Work Type from the Work Type dropdown
  3. Enter a suitable Project ID and the address of the property
  4. Save your project and open it
  5. Take your bid photos

Bid Survey Task

The survey task adds a lot more options in to how information can be collected from the field.  In order to use a Bid Survey you must be able to add surveys to your projects; either on creation or import.  A bid survey can stand on its own or be incorporated in to an existing survey.

With a survey you can ask specific questions to get the data you require.  "What are you bidding on?, How much is the bid?, What is the quantity?"  Then have a photo requirement to take pictures with.  You also get the benefit that surveys can be submitted multiple times.  So if there are 2 separate bids at a property, the survey can be filled out for the first bid and submitted.  Then filled out again for the second bid.  This can be done as many times as needed.

Check out this article on Using the Survey Builder, and this article on Best Practices for Building Surveys

Integration Specific Methods

General Use

Using a Custom Evidence Type

You can add a 'bid' evidence type to any of your tasks to designate bid photos.  This will need to be done by the integration provider.

Adding Additional Tasks

You can add additional tasks in most integrations that allow you to add a Bid Photo or Survey Task to all of your imported projects.  To see how to add additional tasks to your integration see this article.

Mobile Projects

You can still use Mobile Projects as noted above, however these photos will not transfer over an integration so be cognizant of that fact.


The PPW APIv2 integration has built-in support for creating Bid Items.  This excerpt is taken from the PPW Integration FAQ.

PPW reads the 'notes' field from Pruvan photos to create Bid and Completion items.  Before you take your photos, simply tap the pencil icon from inside your Pruvan camera and enter the text you would like your photos flagged under.  That note will be on every photo you take after you set it for that project.  If you would like to change the note, or clear it, tap the pencil and make the appropriate change.  Any photos taken as before, during, or after will show as completions.  Any photos taken as bid, will show as a bid.  There is not currently a way to set the quantity or price from Pruvan Mobile.

If you would like to use the Survey method to enter bids you can add your survey to the PPW Integration in Pruvan under the Survey Tasks field, or you can link a PCR from PPW to Pruvan for this purpose.  More on PPW - Pruvan Surveys here.

Other Integrations

All other integrations can make use of the general methods provided that you have a way to add your Bid task to your projects either in Pruvan or the integrated system.


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