Getting Started with the Pruvan Downloader

The Pruvan Downloader is a PC app that pulls your photos from Pruvan's Cloud Storage then stores and organizes them for you automatically.

Initial Setup

To use the Pruvan Downloader you must install it on your computer.  You are allowed to have 2 instances of the Pruvan Downloader active at any given time, plus 1 for every 25 devices you have on your subscription.  After initial setup the Downloader will go back and retrieve any photos that have been published in the past 2 days.  This article will go over all the steps needed to get the Downloader installed and set up:


The Downloader will pull any items that have been published since the last time the Downloader checked.  The Downloader checks for new items every 30 minutes by default.  Photos that are from un-activated devices will be replaced by a text file detailing which Device ID needs to be activated to retrieve those photos.  The Downloader's speed is based primarily on how fast your internet connection is.  The Downloader can take advantage of high speed connections by downloading up to 4 items at a time.

Menu Bar

The menu bar consists of a few buttons and some dropdown menus, from right to left:

  1. Pause / Retry - Click pause to stop automatically checking for published items.  Click retry to check for items and start the counter again
  2. Browse Photos - Click to open your Downloader Path in your file explorer
  3. Browse Surveys - Click to open the Consolidated Surveys folder in your file explorer
  4. Retry Counter - A countdown until the next item check
  5. Downloader name - This is the name of your specific Downloader install.  It is the computer name you entered on initial setup and the date of installation.
  6. Settings - The Settings menu
  7. Help - The Help menu; access the Downloader Logs and send in a Support Request
  8. Exit - Click to close the Downloader

Running Log

This window shows the status of the Downloader; how many items are currently being downloaded, errors, username validation, etc.  The log is updated automatically as items are processed.

Recent Activity

This window shows thumbnails for the most recent downloads.  Un-activated photos will have a red 'Unactivated Device' banner at the top of the image.  Click on a thumbnail to open the photo.


User Accounts

Here you can update your password and add or remove accounts from your Downloader.  See this article on account management:

Download Folder

This brings up the Downloader Path window you used during your initial setup.  You can set a new path and change your folder organization here.  Find out how in these articles:


These options allow you to configure how often your Downloader checks for items, how survey data is handled, and whether to save item metadata.

  • Save Metadata - Checking this option will put a JSON folder in every folder that contains items.  The JSON folder will contain .json files for each item in the folder.  These .json files contain information useful to developers such as project information for the items.
  • Export Survey Answers to CSV - Checking this item will create a spreadsheet for each survey that is downloaded and save it along with the PDF report.  This spreadsheet will contain a row for each question answered on the survey.
  • Collect Survey Answers - Checking this item, in addition to the export option, will create a spreadsheet for each survey template that is downloaded and create a new row for each survey that is downloaded for that template.  This allows you to easily compare answers to the same quesion over multiple surveys.
  • Retry Interval - The number of minutes between each check for published items by your Downloader.

This article goes in to more detail about the survey spreadsheet options:

Errors & Troubleshooting

When you come across an error in your Downloader, check out the articles in this section for help.

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