Getting Photo & Survey Metadata

You can receive photo and survey metadata through the Pruvan Downloader.  The metadata will be stored as a JSON string in text files; one per downloaded item.  The files will be located in a folder labeled JSON in the same folder as the items they represent.  Using a script you can programmatically act on these files as they are downloaded.  The JSON contains the exact same information that would be sent alongside an item when delivered over an integration.  The following link goes to the Pruvan Standard APIv2 documentation that explains the contents of the JSON data.  You will find it in the Upload Pictures payload section on pg 15.

How to Enable Metadata in the Pruvan Downloader

This will enable the Downloader to start saving JSON files for your downloads going forward.  It will NOT retroactively save metadata for files that have already downloaded.

  1. Open the Pruvan Downloader
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Options
  4. Check Save Metadata
  5. Click Save


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