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Getting Started with Pruvan Online

Pruvan Online is the web portal for Pruvan's System.  It is located at and should be accessed using a Google Chrome browser.  Pruvan Online is restricted to users that have a registered Pruvan Master username or Sub-username.  Need to get a Master Username?  Click here to create an account!

Pruvan Online has a main navigation menu displayed on the left side of your screen. Most pages will also have a menu bar along with the content you are looking at.  There is a show / hide button (circled in green) for the Main Menu next to the Pruvan logo. You can change this menu by hovering over it and clicking the pencil icon to upload your own company logo.  On a small, or mobile screen, the menu content will be hidden under menu (hamburger) buttons as well.

  1. Main Menu - These are the main pages in Pruvan Online with the exception of the Account menu that allows you to go to any of the Account pages.  On the far right there is a user button, What's New, and an AddOns button.
  2. Sub Menu - This menu has buttons and filters specific to the page you are currently on.
  3. Page Navigation - Most pages have a navigation bar below the menus.  You can use this to set the number of items to display in the Current Page and to scroll through multiple pages of items.  This includes Select All and Select None buttons that will select / de-select items across all pages, as well as buttons to export data from the current page, this export will only include filtered items.  Copy will copy the rows to your clipboard, while CSV, Excel, and PDF will generate files with the row data in the selected format.
  4. Current Page - This is where the content will load for the page you are on; such as project or photo details, or account information.  Most tables support Sorting, you can click on the column title to sort by that column and again to change the direction of the sort.  The arrows to the right of the column title will show you which column is currently sorted and in which direction.

Pruvan Online will re-size automatically to your screen size, so it will work from a large monitor all the way down to a small phone screen.  Clicking on the links in the Main Menu will take you to the different areas of Pruvan Online as described in the next section.

Large Display


Small Display




This is where you can manage your projects and Work Types, from creating new projects to closing them out.  Projects are the mechanism for organizing your photos in Pruvan.  Once a photo is taken all of the project information is stored with that photo so you can delete the project without fear of losing your photos or the information associated with them.


This is where you can access your cloud storage of all the photos and surveys you have taken over the last 7 years.  Use our Photo Review tool to QA your photos and then Publish them to send them off.  QA stands for "Quality Assurance" and is the process of reviewing photos and surveys to make sure that they are accurate and acceptable.  Once photos are ready to be moved from Pruvan you publish them.  A published photo or survey is shown in the Client Portal, and also sent to the Pruvan Downloader and client Integration depending on the publish mode chosen.


Pruvan provides additional access to your project and photo data through a series of reports that can help you analyze the data in different ways.  The Usage Report and Upload Monitor provide quick links to see how your photo relays are progressing to integrated partners.  The Report Launcher lets you access the rest of your reports, with tools to select specific dates, or date ranges, and filter by certain criteria.  Click a report for more information or see all of our Report articles here.

  • Crew Tracking - This report allows you to see where your sub users are taking photos and surveys.
  • Device Usage - This report shows you what devices are being used, when they're being used, and how much they're being used.
  • Check Ins - This report shows you all of your Check In data and their status.
  • Usage Report - This report shows you your usage stats, such as how many photos and surveys you've taken.  It also allows you to manage failed relays.
  • Upload Manager - This report shows your batches of items that have been published but not delivered to the integrated partner yet.
  • Property Report - This report is only available from the Photos page.  Just click on an address to see all projects associated with that property.
  • Metered Billing - This report is only available to users that have a metered integration set up on their account.  It will show you the stats for your metered integration.
  • Notes Report - This report shows all of your property and project notes that were last updated over a given date range.


This page lets you create and view your Customers associated with your Projects. You can create Customers to quickly add them projects to be invoiced, along with storing important contact information for your customer. You can mark Customers Inactive from this page to remove them from your Customer dropdown menu on your projects. 


This page will show you all of your Invoices you have created on Pruvan projects. Saved Invoices will appear on this page where you can view or edit them as needed.

Products and Services

This page will allow you to create a master list of Products and Services that can be added to Project Lines or Invoices in Pruvan. You can create this list along with your prices to more easily create Invoices and track your Cost and Price for each work order in Pruvan.

Share Manager

This is where you can view all Pruvan projects that you have shared with other users. View the projects and each user you have shared them with, add additional users to share those projects, or stop sharing your results. 


This lets you access your client and integration management tools.  This page lets you set up clients and connections to other systems outside of Pruvan.  Set up a Client to register projects to that client and allow them to see your published results.  Set up an integration that is already available or develop your own using our Standard API.  Our integrations have the ability to support importing projects as well as sending photos and survey data back.  Their features are only dependent on what the integrated system supports.

  • Articles in the Pruvan Online - Integrations section go over how to use the Configure page to set up integrations with Pruvan's core integration features
  • Articles in the Integrations category are specific to each integration and are organized in their own sections


The Surveys page allows you to create and publish survey templates to be used with your projects.  Pruvan surveys are forms that have advanced features like skip logic and photo requirements.  That means that you can skip questions based on a previous answer and require a specific number of photos to justify an answer.  .


This page will let you create and manage the Worktypes on your account. A Worktype in Pruvan is a set of project fields, tasks and options that are grouped together to make creating and updating projects in Pruvan easier. This will help streamline and automate your project creation process.


This allows you to submit a support request directly from Pruvan Online. If you can't find your answer in the Support Center, then use the Help button to open a ticket with our Customer Care team and they'll get back to you by the next business day.  Requesting support through Pruvan Online gives you the ability to grant access to your account to the Pruvan Customer Care agent assigned to your ticket so that they can fully assist with your question.

User Menu

The user button contains links to all of the pages involved with managing your account.  You can update your subscriptions, manage your devices and subusers, view your alerts, and update your user profile.  View all of our articles on Account management here

  • Edit Profile - Here you can update your contact info as well as set default options for your account.
  • Subscriptions - Here is where you can manage your subscriptions, as well as billing information.
  • Devices - Here you can manage what devices are activated.
  • Users - Here you can manage your sub users and their access level.
  • Branding - Here you can set up Pruvan to display your brand for your account, sub users, and clients.
  • Alerts - Here you can manage all of the alerts on your account.
  • Add Ons - Here you can manage your Pruvan Add Ons.
  • Support Center - This a direct link to the Pruvan Support Center, where you are now!  Anytime you need some help just click the Support button and search for your answer.  
  • Request Support - If you can't find your answer in the Support Center, then use the Request Support link to open a ticket with our Customer Care team.



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