Getting Started with Pruvan Mobile

Pruvan Mobile is the service app used to collect information from the field.  The app is designed specifically for this purpose and is not an account management tool or replacement for Pruvan Online.  Using Pruvan Mobile requires a Pruvan account to function properly.  Need to get one?  Click here to create an account!


Pruvan Mobile is available, for free, on the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.  Windows Mobile and other mobile OSes are not currently supported.  This article goes over installing Pruvan Mobile on both Android and iOS.


Navigation in Pruvan Mobile is tailored to each platform, Android or iOS, so that it feels natural.  A tap is used to press an on-screen button, and swiping gestures are used in a few parts of the app.  There are no long-press functions.  In most cases tapping the upper left area of the title bar will take you back one screen.  The pencil icon is used through out the app as an 'edit' button.


Getting Started

When you first install Pruvan Mobile you'll need to customize your settings and log in to your Pruvan Account.  In a hurry?  Check out our Quick Start Guide for Pruvan Mobile.

First Time

When you first launch the app you'll be asked to grant Pruvan Mobile permission to access your location, media storage (photos / videos), and your camera.  These permissions are required for the app to function correctly.  Next you'll be asked to enter a device nickname.  This is used by your account holder to identify your device.  Good device nicknames include your name and device model. Finally you'll be dropped at the Login screen.


This screen lets you log in and out of your Pruvan Account, and shows you your network connection status and how many uploads you have pending.  There are also links to the app's settings and support available here.


Projects in Pruvan are a facility to organize your field data collection.  A Project can only have one physical address, but can have multiple tasks.  Tasks are used to identify and collect different types of data.  There are 2 project views in Pruvan Mobile; the project list and the project details.  The projects in the project list are organized in categories by status.  Here you can refresh your list and select a project to view more information.  Project details shows the specific information of the project and let's you start collecting data as well as mark the project complete.


The task list in the Project Details screen lets you access Pruvan Mobile's field data collection tools.  Those are:

  • Camera - The default data collection tool.  The camera lets you take location tagged and certified photos.
  • Surveys - Surveys can be defined by your account holder, and allow you to answer questions and launch the camera to take photos to satisfy minimum and maximum requirements.
  • Check In - Check Ins can be enabled by your account holder and allow you to enter an identification or badge number for yourself and the rest of your crew.  Validation of badge numbers is currently done by Aspen Grove Solutions, using their issued ABC number.


Field data is usually uploaded immediately to Pruvan's Cloud Storage as it's collected.  This can be affected by your app settings, your Pruvan Account's settings, and your current network connection.  It is important to not manually delete any items that have not successfully uploaded to Pruvan yet.  You can monitor your uploads in the Upload Manager.  Your account holder may want you to perform QA (quality assurance) on your photos before they upload to Pruvan.  In this case the 'upload only when complete' option will be enabled on your account, which means that items will not upload until you've had a chance to review them and complete the project.


Check out our FAQs!

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  • Avatar
    laura neil

    Can't log in ask for info said it was sent to email never received

  • Avatar
    Nicholas McMurray

    Hi Laura! If you are the primary Pruvan account holder (you're paying Pruvan), then the email will go to the address listed in your Profile page online. If you have received your login to Pruvan from your client, then you will need to contact them for password issues as we do not have access to account user and password information.

  • Avatar

    how do we Primary account holder ADD users to the account?

  • Avatar
    Nicholas McMurray

    Hi Scicoli, you can find that out over in this article. From the main page, it's under Pruvan Online and Account.