Getting Started with the Fannie Mae Equator Integration

The Fannie Mae Equator Integration is the link between your Equator account and your Pruvan account.  Orders are pulled in to Pruvan from Equator.

Equator's integration supports importing projects, report relay, default assign to, auto admin, the push key, and default work types.

Import Projects

Projects are imported whenever you press the Refresh or Full Import buttons on your Equator integration.  These projects are based on property deliverables in Equator.

See this article for how to get set up:

Relay Reports

The Equator integration supports relaying reports, in PDF format, back to Equator.  After completing a project, log in to Pruvan Online and use the Generate Report feature.  Publish that report to send the PDF to Equator.  This report contains all of the photos that you took on the project.  The individual photos will not relay to Equator.  Additionally, if you have added any surveys to your project, the survey report will also relay to Equator.

Default Assign To

Default Assign To lets you assign all incoming Equator orders to a specific user on your account.

Additional Tasks

Both Photo and Survey tasks can be added to Equator orders.  These tasks will show up on every project that imports, in addition to the tasks that normally import.

Auto Admin

Auto Admin is used to change what fields the integration updates once the order is already in Pruvan.

Pruvan Push Key

The Push Key can be used to refresh your Fannie Mae Equator integration directly from a web browser bookmark.

Default Work Type

Default Work Type is a work type that will be applied to all of your incoming Equator orders.



See our Fannie Mae Equator FAQ

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