Pruvan Direct Workflows

There are two Pruvan Direct workflows that can be used to complete work using Pruvan:

  1. The Pruvan Direct Workflow
  2. Getting Work Orders through an Integration

The first Pruvan Direct Workflow is our standard "Off the Shelf" workflow and is 100% supported by Pruvan.

  • In this workflow orders are manually created online or on the mobile device, they are then assigned out to users in field to be completed, once completed all photos and surveys will upload from the Pruvan Mobile app into Pruvan Online, and then from there the photos can be published to the Pruvan Downloader or shared with your clients using the Client portal.




The second workflow is getting your work through a Pruvan Integration and is not 100% supported by Pruvan since Pruvan cannot control the Third Party Client System.

  • The client's system uses our open API to send order information to Pruvan. If for any reason the order information sent to Pruvan does not have the correct information or if it is not formatted correctly then orders will not import into Pruvan. 
  • Once the orders are in Pruvan then you have moved back into the Pruvan Direct Workflow discussed above. When the photos and/or surveys upload from the field they can then use the same open API to send the results back to the client's system. Once the results are sent to the client's system it is up to that system to put the results in the correct place.



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