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Editing ability on the project page

When are you going to be able to really edit the project page? I you put an address in wrong you have to completely delete it and start over when all you mat need to do is change one or two things..this is very frustrating when you have over 50 project the you have to type in and you can't truly edit them if need be,

Craig Loftis

Official comment


Thank you for the excellent feedback! The two items on a work order that you can not edit are the work order number and the address. These items are written into our system when the work orders are created and we use them to index work orders throughout our entire system. Because of this, we are not able to allow the editing of these two items. If you find you are having to edit work order address often, perhaps submit a Support Request to our Support Department and we can help determine why this happening and how to avoid it. Thanks again!

Clayton Maddux

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