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Often our customers called in or sent in a support request "why am I locked out" or "I can not login!".

As you can imagine, this creates some panic for our customers and confusion about what the real password concern is related to.

This first question we often ask is "what are we talking about"? In this case, we need to know if the question is about Pruvan Mobile, Pruvan Online, the Pruvan Downloader, or a integration setup in Pruvan Online, or in rare cases a third party system we have no detailed knowledge of and can not help with.

Pruvan Mobile will stop working if the password is changed by a Staff or Administrator role using Pruvan Online. Pruvan Mobile allows you to login if the device is "offline" by remembering the previous login. This can create confusion since the device will appear logged in, but the Pruvan account owner has changed your password. You will not have access to new Pruvan Projects, and your work will not transfer since you are not authenticated with the current password.

The Pruvan Downloader will stop working if the password is changed by a Staff or Administrator using Pruvan Online. This can cause confusion since the Pruvan Downloader keeps on working in the background on a PC until there are issues. Be sure to manage the Pruvan Downloader when you change passwords.

Pruvan Online will not allow you to login if you do not have a valid username and password. Saving passwords in your browser (not recommended) can really cause confusion when your administrator changes your password. This confusion is multiplied if you share the same Pruvan username with multiple office workers (not recommended).

Pruvan Online has the ability for Administrators to manage passwords of all Sub-Users linked to the master Pruvan Account. Once the Administrator is logged into Pruvan Online, this administrator can change all Sub-User passwords by navigating to the "Account->Users tab.

Any integration setup in Pruvan to a third party systems must be managed and the related username/passwords or API keys must be kept up to date for the integration to continue to work. Please see related work provider documentation for help with third party username/passwords or API keys required to allow Pruvan to import your work into your Pruvan account.



Kim Ruiz Answered

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