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IOS9 and deleting photos.

We just wanted to let you know that you probably should have sent out an email and/or text or even call about not downloading IOS9. We always IMMEDIATELY download new software. AND we would have NEVER known NOT to unless we had happened to log onto PRUVAN online. But it is too late. We downloaded ISO9 already. Now we will not be able to use this app for work until you update your app to the new IOS9 update. It is VERY frustrating, especially when we pay $20 a month for this app. It is suppose to help us with our jobs, not hinder them. ALSO you should have told your clients (ours is CYPREXX) about this too. Our coordinator did not know about it. We are required by October 1, 2015 to ONLY use Pruvan... Well, now we can't. This is not okay. I am sure CYPREXX is not happy about it either.
ALSO... When we have taken pictures on the app and then need to delete one, yes, they delete on the app but they are IMMEDIATELY downloaded to Cyprexx. They are getting some 'nonsense' pictures, ie. fingers in the shot or I have taken photos of my feet, etc. So I guess we are confused on how they immediately download to Cyprexx but we still have the option to delete them from the app, and then also, why is there a 'complete' button????
We are just a bit frustrated.


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Hi John,

Pruvan sent out system wide notifications via our website, Facebook, and Twitter on September 16th as soon as we were aware the of this issue with IOS9. Blast e-mails are often blocked as spam by most web servers so we utilize many other tools to keep our Pruvan customers aware of any potential issues.

Most of our customers are logging into Pruvan Online on a daily basis to monitor account activity, etc. For those rare customers who do not log into their account daily, they can subscribe to the Pruvan System Availability Status by clicking here and then clicking the "follow" button.

Pruvan was quick to test the new IOS9 update and discover the issue that may cause maps and app crashing caused by the Apple update. Our development team has up to date information found in our Support Center Article on IOS 9 Issues with V3.14. That article also has a link were you can sign up to beta test the latest and greatest version of Pruvan!

Additionally, the other issues that you've mentioned are quick fixes found in Pruvan Online in your account settings. If you'd like to learn more about these settings, you can sign up to get trained, watch our On-Demand Webinar, or reach out to your Pruvan Support Team to schedule some 1:1 training via

We understand that learning something new can be frustrating and we are here to help along the way. Please don't hesitate to let us know if there is another way Pruvan can work for you and your business.


Your Pruvan Team

Morgan Palmer

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