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App UI

I use the Pruvan app on the Galaxy S6 and have seen the same UI on the Galaxy S3, Tab 3 and Tab 4. Please remove the photo bar and the before, during and after bar from its current location all together. These two bars are obstructing the view of users on many photos everyday. The reason I'm asking is every time I use the app my photos are angled downward so there are no heads in the photos for multiple reasons. When angling down, I'm looking at the top the screen mostly to make sure the photo is taken from the shoulders or elbows down. Sometimes there is a great distance between me and the image I'm trying to capture, plus lighting issues can make it difficult to see past the these to bars.

I suggest moving those bars and simply putting the white text to the left or somewhere in the grey bars are located. Bars moved would free space from the image and would look good in list format.

The picture folder button should be rotated just the same as it currently is set up. One press to move to during folder from before. Another press to get to after folder from during and one more press gets us back to the before folder.

Option 2:
Make the blue photo bar in the camera mode transparent so the user can see their entire image through it. The same with the before, during and after bar, make it transparent.

I really like the idea and think option one is best.


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