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check ins?

Need the ability to apply check ins to all orders.  Need ability to force everyone to check in on every order.


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Looking for an easier way.  Can you not just have a box we check on our profile that automatically makes a check in on every order we have for AGS?  I have ags checklist on all orders now through the instructions but it would be more convenient if it was automatic.  I mean it is only a matter of time before it will be required by everyone.  There is no harm checking into a property that doesn't require it yet.  It is just helping set up who is at the property on what orders.

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I love the idea! I will let my development team review it and see how it could work! Thank you for the excellent feedback!

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Great idea.  We are looking at adding default work type to all orders, or specific orders from an integration.  Default work types are how we give you the power to create custom work flows.

We do have a "default work type" on some integrations.  You can create a work type "check-in" to require check in by default on each order.

I understand check-in works well for all your PPW (since they send the proper Check-In Mobile Options to Pruvan) but not for East Point.  

For East Point, we are working with Ken to have him set the Pruvan Mobile option in the work order feed they send us to enable check-in on Pruvan Mobile, like PPW.  As an EP customer, you can advocate for them to send us the "check-in" signal for all orders and this will work.

You can always use the + button and select a "Check-In" work type to check-in for EP orders until they send the proper work order feed to Pruvan.  You will need to upgrade to Pruvan Mobile 3.16 to see the enhanced + button that supports work types.

Please investigate 3.16 link sharing features, and the Client Portal features.  We have also upgraded the + button to support work types.  This requires Pruvan Mobile v3.16 (available in pre-release).

Here are some links.  "Getting Started with Work Types"  "Adding Check In Work Type"






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