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Some photos go directly to the job on Cyprexx. Others do not. What is the fix?

Gail Christiaansen Answered

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When Photos do not relay to Cyprexx or another Client (that accepts photos) it can be for a few reasons.
1.) Device is not activated. Click here to learn more ----> How to manage current devices
2.) Photos are pending upload on the device. Click here to learn more ----> Why are my photos not uploading?
3.) Photos were taken on the wrong project. Click here to learn more ----> How to move photos from one project to another
4.) Photos may need to be republished. Click here to learn how ----> How to republish photos
For Cyprexx users we always ask that you ensure all photos are in the correct project, for the correct date, for the correct property. Once that is ensured, then you can Republish the photos. If you ever have any issues that you cannot resolve please send us a Support Request to

Joe Lopez

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