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QR Code on Cyprexx photos

We do not have Cyprexx linked to our PD account. The work orders are sent to PD from our PPW account. I have two orders today that have QR codes attached to the photos. How is PD recognizing those as Cyprexx orders since they are coming from PPW and not Cyprexx. We do not want those QR codes on our photos.


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OK, couple things. Having the work orders come from PPW to Pruvan, will result in the photos going back to PPW. They will not go back to Cyprexx, The PPW integration is not related to or integrated with the Cyprexx integration. To specifically answer your question, Pruvan Direct (PD) does not recognize PPW orders as Cyprexx Orders, they are PPW Orders if the order comes from PPW.

The only way for PD to recognize Cyprexx orders and to send photos back to Cyprexx is if you import Cyprexx orders into Pruvan, using the Cyprexx Integration.

To turn off QR codes on Pruvan photos, turn off "Photo Frame" by navigating to "Pruvan Admin Login-> Account->Edit Profile->Set Profile Options->Frame Images = FALSE or CLEAR. Realize these options can be overridden if the Work Order Feed (from an integration) overrides sets these profile options on specific work orders.


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