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Pending projects on my phone app

I have over 100 assignments pending on my phone app that I cannot clear. Some are cancelled, some are completed. It is difficult to manage work in the field with so many entries pending on my phone's queue. Please advise how to clear these unwanted entries.


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Thanks for asking a great question.

Integrations can delete any work orders/projects that have been completed in the work order providers system. Please click the link to learn more ---> How To Do A Full Import On A Client Integration

Work Orders can also be managed from the Project List in, by changing the status of the Project to, "Close" or "Unassigned". Changing the status will remove the project from the app. Remember projects that are "Assigned" to a user will always be visible on the app to that user. You can also delete the project if you like. Please click the link to learn more ----> How To Mass Update Your Pruvan Projects

Thanks for your time.

Joe Lopez

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