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battery goes fast on my note 3 phone

While using the note 3 to take pictures my battery goes down quick. Any suggestions on how to get a quick charge on our phones or how to save on our battery. Most houses during initial clean has no electricity so we could use to recharge phones.


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Hello! With the large screen on the Note series I can see that being a problem. There are a few things that you can do to help extend your battery life. One is turn on 'charging only' in the app settings under upload options, paired with a good car-charger. Plug your phone in to the charger between every job to get some extra juice and upload your photos. This will keep the app from trying to upload at the same time your screen is on and you're taking photos. Another option is to get a flexible usb cable and a pocket charger and plug it in while you're working if your battery is getting low. You can only get a few hours out of one, but it should help you in a pinch. Other options on the software side are to enable your phone's battery saver mode, uninstall apps that you don't use regularly, and restrict background data on apps that you don't use while you're working. Restricting background data prevents the app from using cellular data when it's not open. Depending on what's installed on your phone it may or may not help; some social apps are notorious for background battery drain. Let us know how it works out for you.

Nicholas McMurray

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