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I started with a new company and the new company and I have tried to log into Pruvan, but every time I try it says I can't. I have called and left a lot of messages for help but i have not gotten a phone call back and i need to go to work. It's my first day and none of my work orders are going to be completed and that frightens me and my new boss. Please call back and help with this problem.


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Hi Wayne! I heard someone was able to get a hold of you.

For anyone else having log in issues please verify that you can log in to the website with the same username and password that you are using in the app. If that does not work you will need to contact who gave your the credentials and have them reset.

Otherwise, make sure that your device has a stable internet connection and that something like 'caps lock' is not enabled on your keyboard.

Nicholas McMurray

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