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Critical Error - Email Notifications

When something such as a failed username / password occurs, it temporarily shuts down our entire organization's ability to use the Pruvan app. Until someone in the field notifies the home office and it works up the chain, the process is stopped and the only method of resolution is manual search and republishing. As this is a fragile, critical breaking point, I believe this should warrant a direct email notification to the account administrator the MINUTE the system encounters a failed username / password. This notification within the Pruvan portal assumes someone is watching it, which is simply not the model when paired with other third-party applications.

Tyler J. Danalds

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You can add a support email to your account so that Account Alerts are immediately emailed to your. Please go to online and log into your account with your master username and password. If you are not on the New Website please click the Try Out Pruvan's New Look link at the top of the page. On the New Website click the Account option and select Edit Profile on the dropdown. At the bottom of your Profile page is an option to enter a Support Email so that your Account Alerts will be sent to you. Please enter an email address there and Update your Profile and you will start getting emailed your Account Alerts.

Kim Ruiz

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