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Add info to the label on Pruvan Photos as they are downloaded through the Pruvan Downloader

It would be nice if there was a way to customize the saved file name of each photo as it comes through downloader. Some things like I would like to add to the file name of the photo would be whether or not the photos came from a survey, the task name and evidence type the photo is and even custom file names.


Kim Ruiz

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Some of the info that our dev team would need in order to better understand this request is:

  1. Would you like to replace/remove the master username form the survey or csr report?
  2. Add custom file naming through the downloader (akin to tag based .mp3 file naming)
  3. Add folder and file naming options for photos in Downloader specific to survey questions or task and evidence types
  4. Examples of what you would like the file name to look like

The only thing that cannot be changed is the UNIX number because this is what makes each photo unique in our system. We can add  info to that number though with dashes.

Kim Ruiz 0 votes
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The issue is that we have to re-label all the pruvan photos when we upload to client. as it stands right now the photos are downloaded to files labeled before, during, and after. Then the survey photos just say survey. 

Mike Brown 1 vote
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Tools like FASTstone and other photo renaming tools can bulk rename photos.  The FAStstone tool can append the Parent Folder name to the photo.  We are thinking on adding a feature to the Pruvan Downloader that would allow you to modify the photo file name using a template approach.  

In this case, the Pruvan Downloader renaming the file, you would not need to use the UNIX timestamp file name used today.   You could use any combination of TASK Name, Address, Project#, Notes, Evidence Types etc...  This for example would allow you to name photos with the Address, Task Name, Evidence Type and any Notes on the photo, then a sequence #.  

For Example Template "$ADR1-$TASK-$EvidenceType-####"  =  "110 East Main-GRASS CUT-BEFORE-0001.jpg"


Morgan 0 votes
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