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seperate Client logins

have the ability  so a client can login  and see projects  that belong to them  after the job is  done  even the  Ad hoc ones  since  most of  my jobs  are added Ad Hoc.  we could assign  out client  they could  see it  with out seeing every thing else  your doing for other clients  have spoken to  Paul on this several times.


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Hi Gary,  

Thanks for the feedback.  We do not have a notion of "client login" but do have Pruvan Share ( read more).  Basically, you can have your Agents get their own Pruvan account and "Delegate" work to you.  This way you get the photos in your account, and they get a copy of the results.

This requires work to be created online.  (not ideal when in field)

For Ad-Hoc, (Project orders created in field) there is a limited amount we can do.   Basically it is designed to provide a quick way to get photos to the office.  Ad-Hoc does not currently support Pruvan Share.

You could have your clients setup Crew Roles in their Pruvan account, and you can keep QR codes to login to those Pruvan account and "Ad-Hoc" into their accounts.  Trouble is you wont get a copy of the photos, they will go exclusively to the other account.

Another Idea is to "Ad-Hoc" using Tasks, one Task for each client.  Use the Pruvan Downloader to organize by TASKS.  Then share these Task Folders using Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.  Point the Pruvan Downloader to your online photo sharing account and it will automatically organize by TASKS, and all the photos will be visible to your TASK (Client).

Hope this helps!









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