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Control over Date/Time stamping

Today, Pruvan Mobile allows you to turn on or turn off the Time-Stamp in the Pruvan Mobile settings.  The time stamp is MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS in the lower right corner of the screen and done when the photo is taken on the device.

Gathering requirements for improvements to Time-Stamp of Pruvan photos. 

  • Turn Time/Date on/off at an Account level, for all Projects?
  • Have the ability to over-ride Time Stamp On/Off at a Project Level and at a Task Level?
  • Define/over-ride time-stamp rules in the Photo Requirements when building a Survey?
  • We also have folks who want Date, not time, and oddly, Time not Date.  Do you want date formatting, option to define date/time format? 
  • We do local time-zone based on phone network time (must be enabled).  Is this acceptable across multiple states/time-zones?

Please comment on what you would like, and why.


Kim Ruiz Answered

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Good Idea, would at least like the ability to Turn on/off for all projects.  Next, would like ability to Turn On only Date, not Time.

Paul End-User 0 votes

1) Date/time should be able to be altered in the users section as an override for all Projects. I think at this global level, the admin should be able to select if the survey may override the default date stamp options as defined on the user.

2) If the Date/time isn't overridden by item 1, then the user should be able to turn on/off date/time on a project and task levels.

3)  Most importantly, I believe that date time overrides should be defined on the surveys. Some clients require date/time, while others require that date/time are not on the photos. It is extremely difficult to have the end user comply to these requirements. Allowing the date/time options to be defined on the survey would automate the process as we could have different surveys depending on the client and order type.

4) There is definitely a need for time and not date in some use cases. It is easier to have the times on the photos to aid in updating... but those same clients in many cases require that the photos are not date stamped. I think there should be a drill down in all options (survey as well) to do just one or the other.

5) Local based date/time should be fine.

Josh Sarchet 0 votes

Also, my main goal is to have the JSON file uploaded first into PPW so it can be read by a Macro.  Doesn't matter what order just please make the upload consistent.   

Jimmie Caldrer 0 votes

Date/time stamp needs to follow camera orientation. Getting work sent back due to stamp not being in lower left when phone is held in portrait orientation. Samsung Galaxy 4

quest183 0 votes

The date / time stamp should be in the lower right corner in both portrait and landscape modes.  If someone is rotating the portrait photos so that the photo turns up sideways, then the time stamp will be rotated as well.  If this is not working correctly for you, please submit a support request to with some more detail and an example photo attached and one of our support agents will get back with you.  Thank you!

Nicholas McMurray 0 votes

Can we set it up to specify which clients you want the date/time stamp to be included and automatically place the date/time stamp. If a client doesn't require the date/time stamp then the ability to prevent that from happening would be useful. 

Amy Sargent 1 vote