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Photo's not showing up in the Pruvan Downloader.

I have two phones taking pictures.  The photos from both phones are showing up as "Pending QA" online.  I hit publish but the photos are not showing up in the Pruvan Downloader. 

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  • Photos have made it from Pruvan Mobile to Pruvan Online (Pending QA or Published)
  • You have "Published" any photos online that are "Pending QA"

Have you pressed "Retry" on the Pruvan Downloader? 


If your photos are online (Pending QA) and you hit Publish, and the Pruvan Downloader is configured properly, the published photos will automatically appear every 30 minutes (refresh set to 30).  You can speed this up by hitting the "Retry" button on the PRuvan Downloader or go to settings to increase the speed which the Pruvan Downloader automatically checks for published photos.



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