What Is Pruvan Cloud?

What is Pruvan Cloud?




Pruvan Cloud is a feature in your Pruvan subscription that allows you to view, download, or publish your photos as long as Pruvan Cloud is active. With Pruvan Cloud, ensure that you never lose access to your results.



Without Pruvan Cloud
Your photos are stored for 60 days

  • Download photos from active devices for 60 days of upload to Pruvan
  • Publish photos using an active integration within 60 days of photo upload to Pruvan
  • View Photos online for 60 days after initial Upload

With Pruvan Cloud
Your photos are stored forever

  • Download photos for all devices even after 60 days
    No more device activation after 60 days!
  • Publish photos on any integration forever
    Publish directly to your client with ease!
  • View Photos anytime in Pruvan Online
    Access to all your photos forever!


How do I get Pruvan Cloud?

You may already have Pruvan Cloud as part of your current Pruvan subscription! Log in to Pruvan Online and click the account menu, then choose Subscriptions (or go directly to your subscriptions page by clicking here). Under your Current Subscription, look for Pruvan Cloud. If you see that Pruvan Cloud is On, then your current subscription includes the Pruvan Cloud benefits. 


If you see "Off" listed next to Pruvan Cloud but you want to keep access to your results, follow the steps below


  1. Click Options
  2. Select Edit Subscription
  3. Either upgrade to a higher subscription plan, or click the switch next to Pruvan Cloud
    • The switch will light up green and turn to the right when On
  4. Click Next to review your changes


  5. Click Update to Confirm your changes


  6. That's it! Check your Subscriptions page again to see your Pruvan Cloud turned On. Now you'll have access to your older photos.



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