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Welcome Solid Foundation Vendors - Start Here

The work order management system used by Solid Foundation is integrated with Pruvan! This integration will allow your Solid Foundation orders to import into your own Pruvan Online account where you can assign and manage your orders. All orders (including photos/videos/surveys) completed in Pruvan will relay back to the Solid Foundation order management system quickly and easily.


Follow the Steps below to get started:


Step 1     Are you already a Solid Foundation vendor?


Step 2     Do you already have a Master Pruvan account?

  • Not Sure? - Using your email address you can check  with our Forgot Username tool***
  • No - Create one on our Pruvan Sign Up page!
  • Yes - Move on to Step 3


Step 3     Ready to Setup the Solid Foundation Integration?

***Note If you request your username and it is not listed as a Master Account then will need to create a Master Account.



Need Help?  Contact Pruvan Customer Care

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