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The work order management system used by National Field Representatives (NFR Online) is integrated with Pruvan! This integration will allow your NFR Preservation and Inspection work orders to import into your own Pruvan Online account where you can assign and manage your orders based on your desired business workflow.  The value of using Pruvan is that our mobile app can size, compress, date/timestamp AND label all photos taken at the property (before, during, after, etc.).  We also facilitate the 'Check in' feature which helps you maintain compliance with any Wells Fargo work orders!  


What do you need to know to get started?


Step 1     Already an NFR vendor?


Step 2     Already have a Master Pruvan account?

  • Not Sure? - Using your email address you can check to see if you have a Master Pruvan account already with our Forgot Username tool***  (you only need 1 Pruvan account for ALL work)
  • No - Register for a Pruvan account on our Pruvan Sign Up page!
  • Yes - Move on to Step 3


Step 3     Ready to Setup the NFR Integration(s)?

  • If you answered YES to questions 1 and 2 above then click the following link(s) for instructions on:

                  Getting Started with the NFR-Preservation Integration

                  Getting Started with the NFR-Inspections Integration


       **Using your own work order processing system?  Learn how to integrate using Pruvan Add-On's 

***Note If you request your username and it is not listed as a Master Account then will need to create a Master Account.


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