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How to Set Up an Altisource PPW Integration

  1. Click Integrations from the main Menu
  2. Click the New button
    • If this is your first integration, select "Altisource PPW" from the work provider list when you click Integrations
  3. Select "Altisource PPW" as the Integration Type
  4. Create an Integration Label (up to 5 characters) to label your incoming orders
  5. (Optional) Enter/choose your Customer and click Next
  6. Enter your Altisource PPW username
  7. Enter your Altisource PPW password
  8. Select "Contractor" for the account type
  9. Click the 'Validate' button
    • This will result in the button turning green and reading 'Success' if the username and password are valid. Click Next once you see a success.
    • If you receive an error please verify that your credentials are valid by logging into Altisource by manually typing the username and password you are trying to use and reset your password if needed
    • altppw2.png
  10. Choose your Default Assignment Option. Reminder: Unassigned orders are not visible in Pruvan Mobile.
  11. Set 'Ignore Bid Tasks' to 'No'
  12. Set Check In Required When Provider Set to 'Yes'
    • This allows you to check in on your orders in the Pruvan Mobile app
  13. Click View Push Key, then click Copy to Clipboard
  14. Click 'Save'

3. Configure your Integration in PPW

  1. Log in to your Altisource PPW account
  2. Click on your username in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your Pruvan Username in the 'Pruvan username' field
  4. Paste the push key that you copied earlier into the Pruvan Push Key field
  5. Click the 'Save' button

4. Complete your initial Work Order Import

Congratulations you are ready to go!  

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