How to create a Route for your Projects

Follow the steps below to create a Route in Pruvan Online from your selected projects, which you can view online or print.


  1. Log in to Pruvan Online and click the Projects page
  2. Using the Shift or Ctrl key on your keyboard, select the Projects that you want to Route
  3. After selecting your projects so they are highlighted, click the Action Button
  4. Click Routeroute1.png
  5. Click Add Destination to Route if you need to add additional stops
  6. Drag and Drop the addresses to change the order of your Route
    • Be sure to select the correct Start and End points! These will not change when you calculate the shortest or fastest Routes
  7. Under Optimize Route By, you can click Shortest Distance or Fastest to automatically rearrange the stops between your Start and End points
  8. Select the Language for your Route directions
  9. Click Apply Changesroute2.png
  10. Click Route Details to view the full directions
    • If you'd like a text-only readout, click Print Route to open a new window with only the stops and directions listed
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