How to Complete a Survey in your Pruvan Online Account

This article will help walk you through how to complete surveys in your online Pruvan account instead of using the Pruvan mobile app.

  1. Log into your online Pruvan at  and make sure you are on the Projects page
  2. Select the Project that has the survey you need to complete
  3. You will see the Project Details on the right side of the page to see the Project tasks (If you do not see the Project Details click the Details button at the top of the project table)
  4. Under Tasks you will see the survey Tasks that need to be completed
  5. Click the blue paper icon next to the Survey Task and the survey form will open in a new tab
  6. Once the survey is open you will need to go through and answer all questions in Red
  7. Some questions will have photo requirements which will allow you to add photos from your computer to the survey or from a Photo task on the order into the Survey
    • If the photo requirement is red then you will need to add photos to the survey question to submit the survey (use the Camera icon to add photos from your computer OR click the photo icon to add photos from a Photo Task on the order)
    • If the photo requirement is green then it is an optional photo requirement and you do not need to add the photos to the survey to submit the survey

  8. Once all requirements are met you can click the blue Submit button to Submit the survey to Pruvan (Click the Review option to double check that all requirements are met to submit the survey)mceclip0.pngmceclip1.png



Be sure that you publish your Survey as well.  Surveys manually submitted in Pruvan Online will not auto-relay. 

  1. From the Project page, locate the project and click on the Pictures box with the item count
  2. Click Select All to select all of the items (You can use the dropdown under the Status column to filter only Pending QA photos)
  3. Click Publish Selected To and then publish the items to the Downloader, Client or both
  4. This will send all of the Survey results and the Status of the items will go from Pending QA to Published.



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