How to Navigate with the new Pruvan Menu

Pruvan has a new look! The menu and some navigation has changed, but all of the same features are still accessible. Use the guide below to help find which options have moved or been renamed. 


Old Pruvan Main Menu Navigation:


  1. Projects - Nothing has changed with your Projects page. It is still called Projects and can be found as the first menu option
  2. Photos - The Photos page will now be called Results.
  3. Clients/Integrations - In the new Pruvan menu, you can find separate options listed for your Customers, Share Manager, and Integrations.
  4. Reports - All Reports will now be accessible from one button on the main menu
  5. Surveys - The Surveys link will still take you to your custom forms.
  6. Account - This can now be found by clicking the user icon in the upper right corner of the screen: newmenu2.png
  7. Support - These options can be found under the user icon as well as by clicking Help in the menu

Here's a look at the new menu, labeled to match all of the selections above:




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