Getting Started with Products and Services

The Products and Services page allows you to set up individual Products/Services to add to your work orders as lines to be used for bids, invoicing, or tracking general finances. 

How Products and Services Function

When you create an Product/Service, you can specify the Name/Description, along with price you are charging and/or your cost for the line. You can also set up matching configurations to automatically apply different prices and costs depending on certain project fields.

Below is a look at the Products and Services page:


A. Products and Services Sub Menu

This menu contains the tools available on the Products and Services page. This page shares a layout and many features with the Project Manager

    • New - This button brings up the Create window. 
    • Edit -  This button brings up the Edit window, and only works when a single Product or Service is selected from the current table.  In this window you can change all fields and set up matching configurations.
    • Delete - This button will delete selected Product/Service(s).
    • Sync with QuickBooks - If you are using the Quickbooks Addon, this button will sync your Pruvan Products and Services list with Quickbooks.
    • Filter - This button will show / hide column filters in the Table.  Filters will remain active even when hidden.  The Filter button will remain blue as long as there are active filters applied.


B. Navigation Sub Menu

This menu bar contains the normal navigation, selection, and export tools available throughout Pruvan Online.

C. Current Products and Services Table

This table displays your products and services. Click any column header to sort the listed Products/Services by that column. You can also use Filters or Search to narrow down the displayed results. Below is a list of fields found in the Products and Services table:

  • Name - This is the saved Name 
  • Description - An optional field to add an additional text description.
  • Default Cost - The outgoing cost used when the Product/Service is applied to a project that does not match any saved Configurations.
  • Default Price - The incoming price used when the Product/Service is applied to a project that does not match any saved Configurations. 
  • External ID - When using the Quickbooks Addon, this will show the Quickbooks ID for this Product/Service
  • Created By - The subuser name which created the Product/Service
  • Created At - The time and date of the first creation for this Product/Service
  • Last Updated - The time and date of the last saved changes for this Product/Service


Creating Products and Services

To create a new Product/Service, first click the New button on the Products and Services page.


A. Products and Services Basic Info

  • Enter the Name for the Product/Services. This name will appear in the  table and when selecting your Products and Services to add to a project or invoice
  • Enter the outgoing cost you pay and/or the incoming price you receive. You can fill out both fields, or choose only one when applicable. 
  • (Optional) Enter a Description

B. Add Configuration to the Product/Service

  • Click the Add Configuration button to add a new Configuration to automatically apply your Product/Service to a project as a Line item. 


  • Choose the fields for your matching configuration. You can choose a specific Client, State, or Reference for the project.
  • Enter a Cost and Price to be associated with this Matching Configuration. When the Product/Service is applied to a project that matches your chosen fields, this new Cost/Price will be used instead of the Default. 
  • Click the - button to delete the listed Matching Configuration
  • Click the Save button to save, or click Cancel to discard the entry. 



Applying Products and Services to a Project

Products and Services can be applied on project creation or by updating current projects using either Pruvan Online.  See the link below to learn how to add Line items to projects.


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