How to Relabel or Move Photos

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Projects
  3. Find the project that you want to move the photos into
  4. Click the push pin to activate this project so that you can move photos into it (Remember the Project ID you activated)
  5. Now Find the project you took the photos in on the Projects page
  6. Click the Picture count for that project to launch the Photo Details page
  7. Select the Photos you want to move (you can do one of the following to select your photos)
    • You can use the Select All button, shift-clicking, and ctrl-clicking to select multiple photos (line for the photos will turn blue when selected)
    • Use the Search box to narrow the photo list to a select term (green)
    • Click the Filters button and use the column filters to narrow the photo list to photos that match a selected file type, task, or evidence type (orange)
  8. Click Action with Selected
  9. Select Move
  10. Click the Project drop down and select the project ID you activated on the Projects page
  11. Select the task that the photos will be moved to
    • To move photos to more than one task then you should complete the move process multiple times
  12. Select the evidence type that the photos will be moved to
      • To move photos to more than one evidence type then you should complete the move process multiple times
  13. Click Move
  14. Verify that you see the Completed message
  15. Repeat these steps until all photos are moved to the correct Task and Evidence Type


Be sure that you publish your photos as well.  Photos "moved" in Pruvan Online will not auto-relay like Pruvan Mobile photos do. 

Step 1 is to filter by the Status column to reveal any photos in Pending QA status. 

Step 2 is to click on Select All (which will highlight the photos), then in the Publish Selected To drop down, choose the Client option. 



This will send all of the results to your integrated client and the Status of the items will go from Pending QA to Published.


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