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PKMG Integration FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and PKMG REAMSview, to exchange information.

What are the features of the PKMG integration?

The integration supports order import, photo relay, survey submission, default work type, default assign to, auto admin, and the push key.

Can I auto-assign my PKMG projects?

The PKMG integration supports our Default Assign To feature which gives you limited auto-assignment ability.  See this article for more information.

Can I send my photos back to PKMG automatically?

Yes!  The PKMG integration can relay photos back to PKMG's REAMSview system based on your QA settings in Pruvan.

What does Default Work Type do?

Default Work Type is a work type that will be applied to all of your incoming PKMG projects.  Read more in the Default Work Type article.

What does Auto Admin do?

Auto Admin is one of our core integration features.  Read more in the Auto Admin article.

What does Default Assign To do?

Default Assign To is one of our core integration features.  Read more in the Default Assign To article.

What does the Push Key do?

You can use the Push Key to refresh your orders.  See the Push Key article for more.

Can I change (or add to) the task's that are on the PKMG projects?

Yes, you can add or edit tasks on your projects.

Why Do My PKMG Projects Have Errors?

To understand your error and what to do to correct the issue, please use the list below to assist you.   For PKMG training questions and documentation, please contact the vendor management deparment

Error Message How to fix
Exception : {"status":false,"error":"Inspection Dates are invalid, please note the inspection dates must be within 2 days of the due date..."}

1.) Delete all photos with invalid dates in the REAMSView portal.

2.) Complete the survey in REAMSView within 2 days prior to the due date or after the due date and Save for all photos to appear. (Late submission will still be accepted)

Exception : {"status":false,"error":"A routine inspection has already been processed"}

The inspection that is being processed has already been received by REAMSView and will not be accepted a second time.

   --Check the REAMSView Portal to ensure the survey has saved with the photos

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