How to Set Up a PKMG Integration

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online with your Pruvan Master Username 
  2. Click 'Clients / Integrations'
  3. Select 'Configure'
  4. Click 'New'
  5. For the Client Name enter "PK Management"
  6. For the Integration Code enter "PKMG"
  7. Click the Integration Type dropdown and select "REAMSview"
  8. Next you will need to enter your PKMG username and password 
    • These are the credentials you use to log in to REAMSViewPKMG2.png
  9. Click Validate at the bottom of the screen and if you get a green "Success" you can Save the integration
    • If you get an error then you will need to verify the credentials are correct and re-enter them into the integration
    • You may need to reset your PKMG password to verify you are using the correct one

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Make sure to Refresh the PKMG integration daily to import and update orders in Pruvan Online.



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